Mr. Daniels and I have a date tonight.

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Alfonso Batalla (b.1958, Spain) - Prefabricated life

Capturing abandoned buildings in a complete state of disrepair, spanish artist Alfonso Batalla has photographed them for the Prefabricated life series. The images reveal a city that has been uninhabited since 1986, with the apartments left to crumble since they were initially conceived. Depicting an eerie atmosphere, the work is the result of two different trips, both in winter and autumn to achieve variation in the lighting. The rooms expose floors that bend, painted cracking walls, and paper falling across the spaces at random, showing the decoration and remnants of families that once lived there. (src. Designboom)

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Alfonso Batalla | artist found at Designboom]

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Awesome Albums: Multiples in Purple (06-2014) by alienmeatsack

Community member alienmeatsack is back with another Purple experiment in today’s featured album! 




Women and cigarettes c.1950s © Getty Images

… It was simply a sign of the times

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Night bloom 

Tea towel by DEF

Fat Chipmunk 

Point Sur