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Ms. Ulmer is a 97 year old artist who has made a piece of art everyday for the last 92 years.  We are collaborating on a book project that will showcase her illustrated self portraits, including one from when she was 7, along side my portraits of her taken over the past 5 years.  

Candace Karch @sugarbeam #msulmer


"What brings me the most fear is if I haven’t done enough for my kids.  If they actually grow up and not have the tools or not have the right way of thinking or approaching things on their own, that would be my fear.  I just hope I can impart to them what I think is right and in the end, they do whats right."

Matuod, Batangas.  2011.

Film: Ilford xp2 400

Taken by Porkscrew


Awesome Ada Lovelace prints here. #AdaPlay

This is a lino block print of Countess, Lady Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), who published the first computer program. She worked together with Charles Babbage, the inventor of the Difference Engine and the Analytical Engine (the first - analogue! - computers), correcting his notes on how to calculate Bernoulli Numbers with the Analytical Engine. More importantly, she (a great communicator, daughter of mad, bad and dangerous to know poet Lord Byron) was able to understand and explain the workings of the analytical engine and the potential of computing machines. Her comments seem visionary to the modern reader. Babbage called her the Enchantress of Numbers and the Princess of Parallelograms.


Polaroid of the cactus garden - Photo by Sisilia Piring