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Look Who’s Headed to Monterey!

On Thursday, we returned one young loggerhead sea turtle to North Carolina for release back to the wild. Today, this hatchling will make the trip to the West Coast for a year-long stay on exhibit in our Open Sea galleries.

It will arrive tonight and go straight from the airport to the exhibit.

You can follow the journey on Twitter by tracking #TravelingTurtle.

This new #TravelingTurtle, like its predecessor, was late to emerge from its nest on a North Carolina beach. It was rescued, along with other laggard hatchlings, and raised by colleagues at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.

The rescued turtles are loaned to aquariums around the country as a way to share the story of this endangered species while the youngsters grow large enough for release.

Our first turtle weighed less than half a pound and measured nearly 4 1/2 inches when it arrived. Yesterday it was nearly 10 inches long and weighed almost 5 pounds.

The new turtle will also be relatively tiny — and will grow impressively fast.

And when it’s big enough, it will again be a #TravelingTurtle: from Monterey to North Carolina to the wild Atlantic.

Learn more about our first #TravelingTurtle.

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Photo courtesy North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.